Let's get you signed up for the CBD webinar on June 8.

NOTE: Webinar is limited to the first 100 registrants. 

CBD is the hottest product in the health food industry right now... and also one of the most confusing. We want you to feel totally confident and equipped for success, whether you're already selling CBD hemp oil, or just considering it for the first time.  


Here's what we'll cover in the webinar:

  • Foundational information about CBD hemp oil and how it works within the body. 
  • An overview of the legal issues surrounding hemp-based products, why the 2018 Farm Bill matters,  and why we're confident about the legality of our CBD hemp oil.
  • Consumers have questions. We'll get you up to speed on what they are asking and how you can confidently respond to your customers. 
  • A look at Barlean's Ideal CBD Hemp Oil: what's in it, what's not, how it's made, and more.
  • What we're creating to support you!


Mark your calendars for June 8th at 10am PST and secure your spot by filling out the form.

Once you register, we'll follow up with all the details.